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A reservation deposit of 25% or $25 (whichever is greater) is required. Your reservation is not complete until we receive your deposit and signed form(s). Reservation deposit will be applied to final bill upon completion of your event. A refundable security deposit equal to 50% of the daily rental rate will be collected at check-in. A full refund of the security deposit will be given at check-out provided damages do not exceed normal use and the facility is cleaned according to the guidelines set forth in this agreement.

Check-in and check-out times determine the length of stay for billing purposes (1-day minimum; partial days above minimum).

If a cancellation is requested more than 60 days in advance of the arrival date, a full refund minus $25 wil be made. A similar request within 60 days will result in no refund unless and until the cancelled dates are reclaimed by other reservations. When dates are reclaimed, a full refund minus $25 will be made. If dates are not reclaimed the deposit is forfeited. All refunds will be processed within two weeks of final disposition.

Final payment of remaining balance is due upon arrival, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Camp Tygart accepts cash or check for all charges. We are not equipped to accept credit/debit payments.

Pool Users: Pool use is strictly "At Your Own Risk". Camp Tygart does NOT provide a lifeguard and assumes no responsibility for accidents or injury that occur at the pool. Renter agrees to provide adult supervision for all pool activities, and to notify participants of liability policy and limitations prior to use. Renter is also required to sign a Liability Release form prior to pool access.

Facilities not rented are strictly OFF LIMITS with the exception of all outdoor areas, ball fields, volleyball courts, etc. However, these outside areas are subject to reservation by other groups; please see Camp Staff if questions arise.

All facilities on Camp Tygart are SMOKE-FREE.

Alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs are strictly prohibited for all Camp users/renters.

Facility damages will be brought to the attention of the Camp Director for repairs; repair cost may be charged to user if it is determined that the damages were due to negligence or improper use.

Responsible adult supervision is required in each facility/cabin/house where children and/or youth are staying. Camp Tygart recommends that at least two unrelated adults be present in each facility to minimize safety risks.

Renter agrees to clean facilities used in order that they be left in "as clean or cleaner" condition as they were upon arrival. Cleaning supplies will be furnished by Camp Tygart. All trash is to be bagged and removed to dumpsters located beyond Resurrection Chapel or beyond the Conference Center kitchen.

No pets are allowed without advance permission--conditions apply--see Camp Director for details.

Overnight guests must furnish all linens, pillows and toiletries. Camp Tygart furnishes hand towels, hand soap and toilet tissue.

Overnight groups must provide Certificate of Insurance with additional insured status in favor of J. D. Tygart Camp Ground, Inc. dba Camp Tygart, Inc.

The undersigned acknowledges that J. D. Tygart Camp Ground, Inc. reserves the right to deny or terminate the use of its facilities and grounds to any group or individual who does not support and abide by its Mission Statement and its Purpose as set forth in Article III of the Bylaws of J. D. Tygart Camp Ground, Inc. and otherwise abide by the terms and conditions herein stated. In the event the use of facilities and grounds is terminated, Camp Tygart will consider a pro-rata rental refund if circumstances warrant same.

In order to minimize the risk of sexual abuse to children, youth and vulnerable adults, Camp Tygart strongly recommends that all users comply with the guidelines outlined in Safe Sanctuaries by Jay Thornburg Melton, published by Disciple Resources. Camp Tygart provides a short summary of actions that will assist you in considering safeguards for your camp experience (see attached Safe Sanctuaries Policy, Sections 1 and 3).

I have read and understand the conditions of renting facilities at Camp Tygart. I agree to these conditions and will inform the other members of my group of these.

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