The Pipkin Conference Center

The Pipkin Conference Center is our newest facility on Camp Tygart. It is a full featured conference center/dining facility. The Pipkin Center has a covered drive through portico/entrance and wrap around porches with Adirondack-style rocking chairs with plenty of covered space for outdoor activities. Currently, we do not schedule multiple or overlapping events in the Center so that each user has sole use of the Center for their particular rental. Unrented areas will blocked off and unaccessible. The Pipkin Center includes free Wi-Fi access.

Harvey Hall is the largest room in the Pipkin Center. It has a seating capacity of about 400 (at round tables; eight per table). It's an ideal setting for large gatherings, wedding receptions, and banquets. The Hall can be sub-divided by a floor-to-ceiling room divider that separates the room into roughly one-third and two-thirds. The larger room of Harvey Hall is connected to the Kitchen Foyer.

The Nell Greene Conference Room, is a smaller dining/meeting room that seats 60-80 people. The Nell Greene Conference Room also connects to the Kitchen Foyer as well as a separate external entrance.

The Bowen Board Room is equipped with leather chairs and a large meeting table. This is most appropriate for smaller meetings of twenty or less persons.

The kitchen is equipped with a large commercial 4-burner stove/oven/flattop, large-capacity ice machine, 1 large commercial freezer, 2 commercial refrigerators, 2 large and 2 medium stainless steel preparation tables, microwave ove, 3 deep compartment commercial sinks, washer/dryer, separate restroom, wire baker's rack (temporary storage). The Kitchen Foyer is perfect for a serving area or staging area for larger functions. The kitchen also has a covered loading/unloading area providing easy access to the kitchen storage areas.