What Others Say

Camp Tygart has always been a special place for my husband and I. Not only do we consider it our little piece of heaven here on Earth; but it holds a special place in our hearts as we were married in the Chapel in 2009. The facilities and location were perfect for our needs and the staff was extremely proficient in helping us organize the event.
- Sheryl Burns

When planning a get-together or retreat for young adults and adults in our church the common answer to the question of "where?" is a resounding, "Camp Tygart!" This is always followed by comments of how special, set-apart, holy, relaxing, spirit-filled the camp is. I've used Camp Tygart for youth weekends, women's retreats, young adult get-togethers and staff/ministry volunteer planning sessions. I've never been disappointed and neither have the participants. In my opinion Camp Tygart is truly Holy Ground!
- Rev. Shannon Patterson
Solomon's Porch / Valdosta First UMC

Camp J.D. Tygart holds a very special place in my heart. On January 9, 2010, my husband and I were married in the Pipkin Conference Center. In lieu of a rehearsal the previous night, we chose to have a prayer service with our family and close friends in the Resurrection Chapel. Each service was beautiful and special. My husband and I feel a connection to this campus because we have attended retreats here that changed our lives. This is holy ground for us.
- Erin Holt

Camp Tygart is Holy Ground! Since 1986, the South Georgia Walk to Emmaus Community has conducted walks at Camp Tygart. We have always been blessed by a sense of cooperative commitment by the folks at Camp Tygart. They continue to be wonderful stewards of God's creation.
- Chuck Rice
Former Chairman, South Georgia Walk to Emmaus

I have many fond memories of Camp Tygart. It has been the site of many church picnics, camp meetings and retreats. While working a Walk to Emmaus in Oct 2011, I reconnected with a old friend. In late Jan 2012, we had our first "date". Things were never the same after that. In May 2012, my friend proposed to me in the quiet of the Tabernacle. In November 2012 we were married under the serene and rustic out-stretched wings of that same Tabernacle among many close friends. We could not imagine getting married anywhere else. The facilities are perfect for weddings. The atmosphere is reverent, intimate, charming. It is truly Holy Ground!
- Kathy Taylor Roberson

With its quiet setting in nature and its diverse facilities, Camp Tygart is a special and holy place to reflect and serve.
- Program Attendee, Nashville, Georgia

Camp J.D. Tygart has been an important part of my spiritual journey. It was there that I accepted Christ as my savior and went forward to make my public decision to be a Christian. I have been priveledged to attend many camp meetings at Tygart.
- Clergy, Coloumbus, Georgia

The camp is clean and well kept, The Pipkin Center is outstanding!
- Religious association, Jackson, Mississippi

The best feature of Camp Tygart is how our needs have been met and how we have been welcomed every summer. Campers, staff, parents, board members all see Camp Tygart as a positive comfortable place that welcomes our special needs children. We feel like Camp Tygart is our home for campers and staff.
- Non-profit association, Thomasville, Georgia